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Collaborative Relationship

Clinical Experience

Premier Resources

We are an investment advisory firm providing a collaborative relationship, clinical expertise and world-class resources to achieve goals, peace of mind and confidence for our clients.

Financial Planning

A Lifevesting financial plan considers every aspect of a client’s financial life, so they perform optimally with one another. The process results in focus on important decisions and removes noise created by matters that do not contribute to financial well-being.


With knowledge of our client’s financial life beyond just investments (cashflow, insurance coverage, deductions, mortgage rates and more), Goodson Wealth Management’s Lifevesting expertise provides guidance for their financial vision and toward their dreams, all in a manner consistent with the fiduciary standard.

Asset Management

Goodson Wealth Management builds customized portfolios based on each client’s unique needs, goals and risk tolerance, as directed by their Lifevesting financial plan. Personalized parameters guide an asset allocation of stocks, bonds, real estate, alternatives, private equity and other securities specific to each client’s requirements for income, capital growth and legacy plans.

Private banking offers our clients a high level of personalized service rare in the increasingly automated, digitized and anonymous banking world. Our banking is built on personal relationships supported by robust technology to provide customized products, convenience of consolidated services, all under one financial roof.

Private Banking Assistance and Support

Private Trust Assistance and Support

Our independent trust company focuses on wealth protection and preservation. We offer a full range of trust services to U.S. and international families. Our experts collaborate with our client’s team of estate planning, legal services, insurance, and tax planning professionals. Chartered in Tennessee our private trust company utilizes Tennessee Trust Laws. Tennessee is considered one of the best trust states in the nation.


Insurance is crucial and often overlooked. No financial plan is complete without considering risk of loss. Insurance products are specifically designed to mitigate risks we all encounter in life. At Goodson Wealth Management, we help design and implement insurance policies that suit each client’s needs and complements your Lifevesting plan.


As independent advisers associated with Eudaimonia Group, safety and security are a high priority. Clients’ assets and futures are served by best-in-class financial technology (fintech), provided by sound and substantial vendors. All of our service providers are continuously rigorously evaluated and vetted by Eudaimonia Group to provide Goodson Wealth Management with financial industry tools second to none to serve our clients. 

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