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Rare collectibles can provide an entertaining form of alternative “investment,” and might seem particularly intriguing when markets are wobblier than Aunt Gertrude’s jello salad. Comic books can sell for millions of dollars, for example, depending on their rarity and condition. Just this week, a copy of Detective Comics #27 (the first appearance of Batman, recently returned to cinemas) is listed with bids at $1 million.

While you may not be into comic books, items like artwork, antiques, or baseball cards, can hold surprising monetary value, but collectibles can be affected by a number of factors, including liquidity. Here are some sensible steps to take with such items, if you have them.

  • Educate Yourself. Books and price guides are a good place to start, as well as a good old-fashioned Google search.

  • Ensure Insurance. A professional appraisal can help ensure your item’s value is protected in cases of calamity or theft.

  • Consult Experts. Values can change depending on condition and scarcity. Shop owners and other collectors can provide context.

  • Protect Valuables. Some types of items may require special storage or materials to preserve their condition.

Whether you’re looking to sell or hold onto your valuable items, the point is to have fun and enjoy what you have. They say you can’t take it with you, but if you do find a way, we’re certainly all ears.

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